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Battery Cable Replacement Service & Cost


What is a Battery Cable all about?

Battery cables transfer the current from the battery to other electrical components (starter, alternator, fuse block). Without battery cables there will be no electrical power in any part of your car.



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The cables are located under the hood and are attached to the battery on one end and the engine and electrical accessories on the other. All cars have multiple cables.These cables can become corroded causing bad connections, which will not allow the right amount of current to be transferred to the electrical components in the car.

Keep in Mind:

In most cases, battery cables cannot be repaired and must be replaced as an assembly. But in some cases, your mechanic may be able to cut the corroded part of the cable and install a terminal end. By doing this you can avoid replacing the cable assembly.

How It’s Done:

Perform a voltage drop test.
Remove and replace cables if voltage drop is more than 0.1 volt.
Clean cables.
Inspect charging system.
Perform a starter draw test.
Test for proper voltage output from alternator.
Our recommendation:

Corrosion is the battery cable’s worst enemy. If you open the hood of your car, you may find a white or bluish powder substance (dried acid) on the battery and cables. This acidic substance will corrode the battery terminal-ends and the battery cable. It is a good practice to have the battery and cables checked and cleaned at regular intervals (e.g. every other oil change). This will prevent the corrosion from building up and it will extend the life of the battery cables.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Battery Cable?

Car does not start.
Clicking noise when starting the car.
Electrical components (e.g. lights, radio, horn) may not work.
How much does Battery Cable Replacement cost?
It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don’t have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

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Brake Caliper Replacement Service & Cost


What is a Brake Caliper all about?

Most cars come with disc brakes in the front, and many models also have disc brakes in the rear. A caliper is part of the disc brake system. When you press the brake pedal, the brake fluid flows from the master cylinder to the calipers. Brake fluid then applies pressure on the piston inside the caliper, pushing the brake pads against the rotors to slow/stop your car.

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A car can have either 2 or 4 calipers. If the car has rotors on all four tires, then it will have four calipers. If the car has two rotors and two drums, then it will come with two calipers in front. The calipers can become contaminated, rusty, and start to leak brake fluid. Brake calipers absorb a lot of heat generated from the braking system. Over time, this heat can destroy or weaken the seals inside the calipers. Caliper servicing is usually done as part of a brake service job.

Keep in Mind:

Work on brake calipers would likely include new brake pads because if the calipers have gone bad, it is very likely that the brake pads are worn out.

How It’s Done:

Remove and replace brake caliper and pads.
Inspect brake rotors.
Inspect brake line hoses.
Replace brake fluid.
Re-check brake system for fluid leaks.
Bleed the brake system.
Torque wheels to factory specifications.
Check brake system performance.

Our recommendation:

Keep up with the regular brake services as suggested by the manufacturer.
If you drive the car with thin brake pads or rotors, it will ruin the calipers.
Change the brake fluid on a regular basis (approx. every 30,000 miles).
If you notice a clear fluid on the tires or on your driveway and a change in the way the brake pedals feel (softer pedals), it is time to get the brake system inspected.
What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Brake Caliper?

Abnormal squealing noise from brakes.
When braking, the car will pull hard left or right.
Braking feels soft and spongy (brake pedals are easier to push than usual, going all the way to the floor when stepped on).
Brake fluid is leaking (clear fluid on the driveway or on the wheels).
How important is this service?

All services associated with proper function of your brakes are important. In addition to safety issues, ignoring small repairs can quickly lead to more serious (and more expensive) problems.

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Wir vom Recyclingtaxi-Hamburg

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Recyclingtaxi-HamburgSie möchten schnell und relativ günstig Sperrmüll auf einen Reycylinghof gebracht bekommen?

Wir fahren mit Ihnen zusammen zum nächsten Recyclinghof in Hamburg. Bitte vergessen Sie nich Ihren Ausweis dabei zuhaben! 

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Sie brachen ein Transporttaxi?

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BaumarkttransporteSie wollen Material aus dem Baumarkt abholen und brauchen dafür ein Transporttaxi dann rufen Sie uns jetzt an!

Wir arbeiten mit Terminvereinbarungen!

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Wir sind Ihr Sofataxi!

Mit uns kommt Ihr neues Sofa nach Hause!

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Wir sind Ihr Sofataxi-Hamburg!

Wann dürfen wir Ihr Sofa transportieren?

Wir haben für Sie gute Neuigkeiten. Mit uns können Sie schnell und relativ kostengünstig Ihr neues Sofa nach Hause bekommen. Sie müssen jetzt nur anrufen und mit uns einen Transporttermin ausmachen. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Anruf. Selbstverständlich transportieren wir auch jede Menge andere Möbel für Sie.

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Wir vom Lastentaxi-Hamburg

Sie möchten einen Kleinumzug machen?

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Wir vom Lastentaxi-Hamburg

Wir sind die Kleinumzugsprofis! Und wir sind schnell und günstig!

Sie haben nur einen kleinen Haushalt und nicht so viele Sachen?

Dann sind Sie bei uns genau richtig! Seit über 11 Jahren führen wir jeden Monat diverse Kleinumzüge durch. Lassen Sie sich von uns am Telefon beraten. 040-63694017 oder 0178-2996990. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Anruf.

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Kleintransporte in Hamburg und Umgebung

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blog img 051blog img 3Es gibt in Hamburg und Umgebung immer irgendetwas zu transportieren:

  1. Ihren Einkauf im Baumarkt
  2. Neue Möbel im Möbelladen gekauft?
  3. Ihren Seniorenumzug innerhalb von Hamburg?
  4. Dinge die Sie auf dem Recyclinghof entsorgen möchten?
  5. Ihre neue Waschmaschine vom Media Markt nach Hause?
  6. und und und…

Rufen Sie uns unter 0178-2996990 oder 040-63694017 an und lassen Sie sich von uns beraten! Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Anrufen!